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Cluster Research Reunites Sisters

Cluster Research Reunites Sisters

Getting better at genealogical research involves many different skills. One important skill is learning how to find relationships when no document states the relationship. Cluster Research is a research technique that can overcome this problem. The early years of research are filled with the “low hanging” fruit of easily found census and other online records. […]

Shaky Leaves and the Importance of Thoro...

Shaky Leaves and the Importance of Thoroughness

We’ve all seen those shaky leaves on Ancestry. For a long time, I never clicked on them. But last year I found some treasures hidden within the hints, so now I periodically investigate all those shaky leaves. Earlier this week, I found a leaf for Syvoid Holt, a collateral ancestor. The leaf linked to an […]

One Step Closer in Alabama: the Fendrick...

One Step Closer in Alabama: the Fendricks Family

This beautiful picture is of my great-grandmother Effie Fendricks. I have posted before about my long odyssey researching her roots. I had a breakthrough in August 2009 when I found a duplicate death certificate. In this research, I encountered the common roadblocks of migration across state lines and name changes. On top of that, their […]

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