One of the things I am committed to is documenting the families and communities I have spent so much time researching, and inspiring others to do the same. I think it’s critical that descendants record and share what they find, so future generations will know about who came before us.

Many of the places where our ancestors lived and thrived don’t exist anymore; they live only in the minds and memories of those who experienced them. And even that generation is quickly fading.

I offer these articles as inspiration for your own writing. I have also asked some of my friends if they would let me post their articles.

I get my own writing ideas from reading articles and histories written by others. So download these. Get some ideas. Write your family’s story TODAY. And when you do, please let me post it here for others to read;)

Minty’s Legacy: A Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, by Robyn Smith

The Prather Family of Montgomery County, Maryland: Freedom’s Journey, by Robyn Smith

Solving for X: Addressing the Unknown Variables in African-American Family, by Carl Leak

Three Generations of South Carolina Freedwomen, by Morna Lahnice Hollister

Biography of Rev. W.J. Hightower, by James Morgan III

The African-American Community of Sparrows Point (Baltimore), by. Donnie Tyler Hollie

Miles Lassiter: An Early African-American Quaker, by Margo Lee Williams

African-American Soldiers of Montgomery County, Maryland, by Robyn Smith

Honoring Joshua McPherson, by Jonnie Brown (discusses the application process for Alabama First Families)

Tim Pinnick graciously allowed me to add his articles related to African-American history:

African-American Veterans in the Grand Army of the Republic

Coal Miner Research in the United States

The Carnegie Medal

Slave-Era Insurance Registry


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