Product description

I have created numerous tables over the years to research my enslaved ancestors, their enslavers, and my free black ancestors. Because of many requests, I decided to package them all together in one bundle for other researchers to use. These tables require Microsoft Word and a Windows PC.

These tables serve many purposes and have a wide variety of uses. More importantly they are editable, and are designed for you to add and delete rows and columns as necessary. The tables come with further guidance and instructions for use. After purchase you will receive a link to download all 17 files (16 tables plus PDF instructions).

It is my hope that these prove as useful to you as they have been for me in better understanding the records that document your ancestor’s lives.

***PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER after purchase, since the email that includes the download link sometimes ends up there************************************

The tables in this collection are:

  • Timeline of Slaveownership
  • Inventory of Enslaved Persons
  • Tracking Enslavers Through Court Records
  • Tracking Enslaved Persons Through Tax Records
  • Tracking Enslaved Persons Through Deed Records
  • Tracking Enslaved Persons Through Probate Records
  • Distribution of Enslaved Persons
  • 1870 Census: Looking for Prospective Enslavers
  • 1850 Slave Schedule: Looking for Prospective Enslavers
  • 1860 Slave Schedule: Looking for Prospective Enslavers
  • Tracking Free Black Families
  • Tracking [ancestor’s name] in Slavery and After Emancipation
  • 1865-1900 Timeline of Reconstruction and Redemption Records
  • Table for Social and Historical Research
  • The 1870 Census Community
  • (NEW!) The Census Tracker

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