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This new page at Reclaiming Kin will a host a repository for tools and articles. It will have a special focus on researching slavery. It’s just getting started, but I’m hoping over time this will develop into something really useful.

Historian David E. Paterson was kind enough to share discussions of sources he’s used while researching the enslaved in Upton County, Georgia.

Mr. Patterson has several resources archived at Afrigeneas that I recommend, especially for those researching in Georgia.

Some lesser known records that may be useful in researching the enslaved include:

Coroners’ Inquests

Fieri Facias

Paterson’s Guide to Lesser Known Records of Slavery

Other Paterson creations:

(A Personal Favorite of Mine)
Intro to Correspondence of the Freedmens Bureau

Records of Probate for Slaveholding Estate

Typical Actions in Probate of a Slaveholder

Slavery or African American Genealogical Research Articles:

A Note on the Pitfalls of Black Genealogy

The Effect of Slavery and Emancipation on African_American_Families

State Level Resources:

African American Genealogical Research at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History

African American Genealogical Resources at the Tennessee State Library and Archives

Tennessee Guide to African American Genealogy Related Documents Prior to 1865

Legacy of Slavery in Maryland Database

Maryland-Guide to Researching African American Families

Maryland-Guide to History of Slavery in Maryland

Maryland-American American Resources for Research

Maryland-Archives of Maryland Slavery Commission

North Carolina-Researching African American Ancestors

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