In a previous post, I talked about the need to continue learning and developing our genealogical skills. Recently, I subscribed to Michael John Neill’s Casefile Clues. It’s been a good addition to my toolbox and I want to recommend his newsletter to others.

I’ve always been partial to case studies because I am able to learn best when  genealogical methodology is illustrated using a real-life scenario. Michael’s newsletter is subscription based: for $15/year, you get a casestudy every week. It is a well-written narrative that tackles diverse problems and includes source citations. Michael also talks about what to do next at the end of each study that I think is particularly helpful.

I was familiar with Michael’s work because I’ve read many of the articles he’s written for Ancestry over the years. I will say, I initially balked at paying because I pay so much for all of my subscription genealogy databases, as I’m sure we all do (except Aaron:). But I read so many terrific reviews of Casefile Clues, for example, Randy over at Genea-Musings,  that I decided to give it a spin. I’m so glad I did. Michael is very responsive if you have any questions or comments about his case studies, which I think is wonderful. I find myself every week looking forward to the next issue.

So, think about checking out Casefile Clues. Honestly, $15 is nothing compared to what you get in return. If you email Michael, he’ll send you a free copy. And, I promise you I have no connection with this endeavor other than wanting to share good genealogy resources when I come across them.

If you do decide to subscribe, let me know what you think.

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