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Matilda: Back Another Generation

Matilda: Back Another Generation

I have been having some tremendous breakthroughs in this year. With every new name, a piece of me and and my history slides into place. Into memory. Searching for Matilda’s Roots My search for my great-grandmother Matilda’s roots is a wonderful example of the value of cluster research. For many years, I knew nothing about […]

Untangling Matildas: Brick Wall Crashes ...

Untangling Matildas: Brick Wall Crashes Down

My great-grandfather John Smith was born in Georgia and migrated to Jacksonville, Florida sometime around 1900. His roots in Georgia continue to be one of my greatest brick walls. (Update, 2018: DNA uncovered his roots!) I had a huge breakthrough on John’s wife’s family yesterday. This is an excellent case study in evaluating evidence. Georgia […]