I just started a new sister blog today called Giving Back to Kin. The purpose is to have a place to upload all of the data I’ve gathered over the years and continue to gather in my genealogy research to share with others. I’m excited about it and enjoy the opportunity to perhaps help others as I have been the recipient of endless generosity during my journey. I figure if I’m going to spend 1-2 hours looking a roll of microfilm, why not copy information others can use as well?

I will mainly post data from my primary areas of research, Tennessee and Maryland, but now and then I have other areas from doing research for other people. My inaugural edition today contains:

  • an index to court records for Hardin County, TN for Book I: 1869-1875
  • tax releasements for the year 1888 in Hardin County, TN
  • Freedmen’s Bureau marriages from Hempstead County, Arkansas
  • Labor Contracts from Freedmen’s Bureau records in Rocky Mount, NC.

They are all downloadable PDF documents. I hope you’ll visit from time to time, and let me know if I post something that helped you.

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