I enjoyed those who shared their family artifacts- they were all wonderful!  I’ve got to share just a few more of my favorites.

Education & Photography

My dad attended Howard University and for awhile wrote a column in the school paper, The Hilltop. It’s nice to look into the twenty-something mind that would later become my daddy.

He was also a school photographer. His lifelong love of photography started in high school in Jacksonville, Florida (Shameless plug: see some of his gorgeous pictures at his website):

Howard Today

My grandmother saved lots of memorabilia about her sons. Among her papers were my dad’s high school baccalaureate flier:


A Farming Log

From one of my Tennessee families, the sheet below appears to be a farming work log, probably in the 1930s or 1940s. The whole community was involved:

Work Log


My ancestors traveled quite a bit, according to their  Postcards :

Nola Bradley Postcard


George Holt subscribed to a popular Tennessee state paper, The Weekly Commercial Appeal according to this 1925 document:


Store Account

Next is a prized item for me. It’s a page that lists items purchased from the country store in 1885! It provides an interesting peek at how much things cost and what kinds of things our ancestors purchased:

Store Account

Walter Springer

My maternal great-grandfather Walter Springer, earned the award below while working at the Wolf Creek Ordnance Plant.

Wolf Creek plant was a part of the military buildup before and during World War II that employed many of our African-American ancestors:

Walter Springer

Always be on the lookout for these unique treasures and what stories they tell about your family. Pictures are always nice to have, but artifacts

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